2 thoughts on “Hand turned natural-edge wooden bowls”

  1. Hello Don. Those are nice chunky bowls. I’ve been a bowl turner for a long time, (my website, turnedwoodenbowls.co.uk ) but never tried rowan. I do make natural edge bowls from time to time though, and one thing I’ve learned is that they look best made from a large log, so the bark is on the top rather than going down the side. An even wall thickness is something to aim for too, so the lower part of the bark is not too heavy. I think the two pale ones in your second picture are the best.

  2. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the comments, and yes, I’d really have liked to make that big bowl thinner, but I chickened out to avoid losing any more of the bark from the top section. I leaned a lot from doing it though – the unevenness was new to me and I’ve not done many “green” bowls before; I’ll keep at it though! Had a look at the bowls on your site, very impressive work and loads of good tips and reading there too, thanks for the link!



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