Meetup – Kubernetes with Minikube and Helm Charts

We are presenting a Kubernetes-related Meetup on Wednesday 5th June in Edinburgh.

This time we explore setting up a local development environment for Kubernetes using Minikube and Helm Charts. We will deploy NGINX to the Cluster and scaled it up and down, then use Helm Charts to deploy Jenkins, WordPress and MariaDB.

if you’d like to join in please book a space via our Meetup (below) – it’s free, and the Peoples Postcode Lottery are kindly hosting the event and providing the beer and pizza too! Wednesday 5th June 2019 from 6:30 PM in the Peoples Postcode Lottery offices at 28 Charlotte Square in Edinburgh.

Kubernetes – getting started with Minikube, Helm and Tiller

Wednesday, Jun 5, 2019, 6:30 PM

Wemyss House
28 Charlotte Square Edinburgh, GB

38 Members Went

In collaboration with Hays and the People’s Postcode Lottery, Automated IT Solutions are running a Meetup on Kubernetes with Minikube, Helm and Tiller. The session starts off with an overview of the main Kubernetes concepts and components, then runs through building your own local Kubernetes Cluster with Minikube. After deploying and scaling our fi…

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I have been planning this session for ages, and hope that it will become the basis for several future talks and ideas, including deploying Blockchain to a Kubernetes cluster, then adding a Ruby and Sinatra based application that will use it.

Big spalted beech bowl

Some pics of a recently turned beech bowl.

This was made from a wind-fallen tree I chopped up about 3 years ago. I sealed the ends of some of the nicer logs and left them outside to dry out slowly.

This is the first bowl made from one of these logs, and I’m very pleased with the result – really nice spalting and not too many cracks, plus it was nice and easy to carve on the lathe too.

The unsorted selection of pics below show it on the lathe and on the log it came from, with the random traffic lamp for scale…