Minecraft Server Admin tips – using the Linux screen command



Getting started with the Linux “screen” command:

This tip follows on from the the earlier post Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers on Ubuntu Linux

The Linux “screen” command is a very useful tool for managing one or many Minecraft and Minecraft Android/Pocket Edition processes.

First off, check you have screen installed on your Linux server by doing;

don@ubuntuserver:~$ which screen

that  should return something like:


if it doesn’t, you may need to install it like so:

sudo apt-get install screen

(or whatever works for your platform)

then you can start kicking off your Minecraft processes like this

 screen ./start.sh

when that’s up and running you can disconnect from the screen by doing

Ctrl-a d

This will detach you from the screen/console but leave the server running – meaning you can log off or go and do something else.

To reattach to the running screen (assuming there’s only one) and get back to the console at a later time, you just do this:

screen –r

If there is more than one screen sessions available you’ll be given a list of them, something like this:

There are several suitable screens on:
15772.pts-1.ubuntuserver(06/01/14 22:05:25)     (Detached)
2088.pts-4.ubuntuserver (06/01/14 15:20:59)     (Attached)
2013.pts-3.ubuntuserver (06/01/14 15:20:13)     (Detached)

from which you can then do:

screen -r [pid.]tty.host

using the pid and tty host values from that list, e.g. “screen –r 2013.pts-3.ubuntuserver” or “screen –r 15772.pts-1.ubuntuserver” in my example.

There are loads of other useful screen commands – check out the man page for further info – but the above allows me to manage multiple Minecraft servers easily.

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