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Please note: I am ONLY interested in Contract roles in or near Edinburgh, Scotland.

The latest version of my CV in Word format is available here.

Contact Details

Name: Donald Simpson
Nationality: Scottish
Location: Scotland, UK

DevOps Engineer, Build and Configuration Manager

Detailed technical knowledge and hands-on experience of DevOps, Automation, Build Engineering and Configuration Management

Extensive experience in the design and implementation of fully automated Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment pipelines and DevOps processes for Agile projects across the Financial, Broadcast and Media Sectors

Over 15 years IT experience encompassing Java programming, UNIX/Linux Admin experience, and a Middleware/Application Server Specialist.

Key Skills and experience

Languages: Java, Shell scripting, Ant, Maven, JSP, XPath & XSLT, and basic C/C++, Perl and Python
Version Control Systems: Subversion, Git, Rational Team Concert, Perforce, ClearCase, CA Harvest
Automation/Build Tools: Jenkins and JNLP Slave Nodes, Docker, Chef, Puppet, Nexus, Ivy, Artifactory, Ansible, TeamCity, Bamboo
Testing tools: SonarQube, FitNesse, Selenium, EMMA, Cucumber, Thucydides, WebDriver, Junit, JMeter, DBUnit etc
App & Web Servers: WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, JBoss, Apache, Atlassian JIRA & Bamboo, IBM IHS, MS IIS
Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Sybase. Postgres
Virtualisation: VM Ware ESX/ESXi, Docker, Amazon AWS/EC2, Xen, Vagrant, Satellite, OpenShift
Platforms: Linux and UNIX, iOS, Android, Solaris, Windows
Network/Infrastructure: TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, AD

Career Profile

RoSRegisters of Scotland
August 2016 to date
Role: DevOps Engineer
Environment: Docker, Jenkins, VMWare, RHEL, Satellite, OpenShift, Artifactory, Ansible & GitLab

  • Creating fully automated CI build and deployment infrastructure and processes for multiple projects
  • Using Docker, Jenkins, VMWare, RHEL, Satellite, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Artifactory, Ansible & GitLab
  • Developing Docker images to support Development and Testing Teams and their pipelines; distributed Jenkins, Selenium and JMeter images, and ElasticSearch, Kibana and Logstash (ELK & EFK) etc
  • Working closely with Architecture, Development, Test, Security and IT Services teams
  • Developing scripts for build, deployment, maintenance and related tasks using Jenkins, Docker, Maven, Python and Bash
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining Continuous Integration, Automation and Configuration Management tools

Royal Bank of Scotland
November 2015 to August 2016
Role: DevOps Engineer
Environment: Jenkins, Atlassian Stash, Docker, Vagrant, Red Hat Satellite, Java, JSON, API, AWS and Azur

  • Implementing and developing solutions enabling Development and Operations teams to build, deploy, monitor and test applications and environments
  • Implementing monitoring and reporting solutions across a range of environments and platforms
  • Evaluating and advising on virtualization and containerization solutions
  • Environment provisioning solutions using Docker, Vagrant, Red Hat Satellite
  • Setting up and introducing Continuous Deployment processes and advising on best practice

Packt Publishing

November 2015 to Jan 2016 (part time projects)

Author:  Extending Jenkins
  •  Find out how to interact with Jenkins from within Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA
  •  Develop custom solutions that act upon Jenkins information in real time
  •  A step-by-step, practical guide to help you learn about extension points in existing plugins and how to build your own plugin

Author: Beginning Docker (video course)

Here is the course overview video:

HSBC hsbc
June 2014 to November 2015
Role: Build Manager and Automation Consultant

Environment: Ant, Maven, Nexus, SonarQube, VM Ware, IBM Rational Team Concert, Oracle, Jenkins, WebSphere

  • Designing, implementing and supporting fully automated Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes
  • Working with and supporting multiple World-wide development teams delivering a wide range of software applications
  • Automating the build, deployment and testing of Front End, Middleware and Database components
  • Developing custom reporting tools, setting up automated health monitoring and alerting for builds and environments
  • Supporting and managing IBM Rational tools – Jazz, RTC, Build Forge




Packt Publishing (part time) September 2014 to Feb 2015

Technical Reviewer: Build your own PaaS with Docker

ISBN 139781784393946




Technical Reviewer: Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook

ISBN 139781784390082




skyBritish Sky Broadcasting – BSkyB
April 2011 to June 2014
Role: Build Automation and Configuration Manager

Environment: Jenkins, Subversion, Continuous Integration, Agile, Maven, Nexus, Ant, Java, Solaris, RHEL Linux, VM Ware

  • Introducing and implementing Continuous Integration principles and practises for the Billing Development Team using Jenkins & JNLP Nodes, Subversion, VMWare, ClearQuest, JUnit, DBFit, FitNesse, Atlassian JIRA
  • Developing automated process for builds and deployments; Jenkins, Ant, Maven, Sonatype Nexus, Shell Script, Perl, Java
  • Set up and maintained fully automated Build and Test processes for Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Creating and managing Development and Continuous Integration Environments using VMWare ESX, automated through Jenkins using PXE boot, Perl and the VM Ware CLI, also involved in several projects setting up builds using Katello, Foreman, Puppet and Chef
  • System and User Administration – responsible for the maintenance of DHCP, DNS, LDAP, AD and NFS services on Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux in Development environments
  • Automating the installation, deployment and maintenance of Middleware Application Servers to RHEL Development and Test Environments on VMWare ESX
  • Creating bespoke tools to support and enable Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and system monitoring/reporting; using JSP and Shell Scripts with a MySQL database, harvesting data from various sources and API’s (Spark, Remedy, ClearQuest etc) to provide consolidated and automated live reports
  • Developed systems to enable baselining and tracking of different types of Reference Data; automated the creation and labelling and adding to version control, then set up push-button deployments from Subversion to Oracle Databases via Jenkins and JNLP Nodes, with full auditing and user authentication and authorisation provided by the corporate Active Directory

tescobankTesco Bank
Jan 2010 to April 2011
Role & Project: Software Configuration Manager and Build Automation Consultant

Environment: Windows and Linux VM’s on Xen, iSeries and OpenVMS, Hudson, Subversion, Arcot, Tibco, WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss and Tomcat

  • Working with Enterprise Architects, Project Managers, Vendors, Developers and Deployment Managers to define and implement a Software Configuration Management solution for a new Bank
  • Leading a small team of Deployment and Build Engineers
  • Automating the deployment and build of Application Servers across multiple environments, technologies and platforms
  • Installation of Tomcat, WebSphere & WebLogic environments, MDM Server, InfoSphere IHS, and Arcot WebFort and RiskFort
  • Designing and creating a resilient SCM Infrastructure from scratch – Subversion and Hudson integrated with Active Directory/LDAP, and orchestrating SCCM and Satellite deployments and host builds to serve every part of the Bank

skyBritish Sky Broadcasting – BSkyB
March 2009 – Jan 2010
Role & Project: Integration Build Manager
Designing, creating and managing Continuous Integration Environments

Environment: Linux, Solaris, Hudson, Subversion, WebSphere Portal and Process Server, SOA, Agile

  • Creating a fully Automated Build and Deployment Platform and coordinating code builds, promotions and orchestrated deployments using Hudson and Subversion
  • Automating the management and creation of Application Servers, resources and database deployments
  • Developing Ant, Maven and Shell scripts to automatically compile, package, deploy and test J2EE applications to a variety of WebSphere platforms – BPM, MQ, ESB, Portal etc
  • Writing Ant, Shell, JACL and Jython scripts to automatically configure integration and test environments, including deploying WAR and EAR files, stopping and starting Application Servers and processes and dynamically creating server profiles/instances and defining resources (MQ connections etc) as and when required
  • Administration and creation of Hudson jobs, including automatic generation, reporting and alerting of test and code metrics (JUnit, PMD, FitNesse, Emma etc), build failures and build status indicators, and information radiators
  • Working closely with offshore colleagues and providing support and advice on best practices for SCM and build automation

cognizantCognizant Technology Solutions
October 2008 – March 2009
Role & Project: Build and Automation Engineer
Implementing Continuous Integration Platforms for Agile teams/projects

Environment: Linux, ESX, VM Ware, Hudson, Subversion, WebSphere Portal Server, Process Server and MQ

  • automating code builds, server deployments and fully automated testing for WebSphere Portal and Process Server Teams
  • automating the deployment of MQ Queue Managers, MQ Infrastructure and ESB code
  • providing automatic alerting and reporting on code quality and code coverage (EMMA, JUnit, WebDriver, FitNesse etc) using Hudson

    Intelligent-Finance-changes-terms-on-Mortgage-ContractIntelligent Finance
    Role & Project: Middleware Specialist
     Midrange Platform Migration
    August 2007 – July 2008 (1 year)


    Solaris and HP-UX, WebLogic Application Server, Veritas, Clustering and Shell Scripting

    • Automating the creation of WebLogic Application servers instances, providing processes to automate configuration/restoration and backups
    • Automating compilation, testing and archiving of builds and code changes
    • Using Korn shell, Perl and CVS (Harvest) Version Control to automate deployment of J2EE applications to Mid Tier platforms
    • Porting build processes, build platforms and servers from Solaris over to HP-UX, updating and enhancing existing build and deployment scripts to increase automation and efficiency and reduce errors
    • Migration of the entire Intelligent Finance code base and Mid Tier Platform from Solaris to HP-UX, and Java 1.3 to Java 5
    • Working with Senior Service and Business managers, and colleagues based throughout HBOS/UK and offshore
    • Designing and implementing new features such as Application Server clustering, Apache load-balancing and O/S level performance monitoring, tuning and reporting
    • Automating Performance monitoring and alerting, and tuning the J2EE Mid Tier code base and platform using HP’s JMeter
    • Developing and coordinating modifications to the Bank’s internal and external interfaces, including Connect:Direct, NFS shares, SAMBA mounts and transport protocols

    Halifax/Bank of Scotland

    September 2000 – August 2007 (7 years)

    Senior Developer
    WebLogic Application Server Platform Upgrade, Solaris 9, J2EE, WebLogic Server 6.1 and 9.2

    • Upgrading the Banks WebLogic Server platform and Domains from version 6 to version 9 on Windows and Solaris platforms
    • JVM Performance tuning and monitoring on UNIX and Windows; performing load, duration, and stress tests while gathering performance statistics for various memory configurations and garbage collection strategies and advising on appropriate configurations for differently sized UNIX and Windows hosts – completed BEA’s Advanced Administration course
    • Porting Korn Shell Scripts and creating new Ant scripts used for server administration and application builds and deployments
    • Large scale re-factoring of Mid Tier Java code base for the move from JDK 1.3 to Java 5
    • Perl and MS/DOS scripting to create new J2EE desktop deployment functionality enabling desktop builds for developers, allowing rapid feedback on changes and introducing basic Build Automation and Continuous Integration processes

    Previous projects with Intelligent Finance as a Senior Analyst/Developer include:

    • Development of Web Services and Web Service Clients using combinations of Apache Axis, Java and C#
    • Acting as a mentor to new contractors and developers. Some project management and Technical/Team Leading experience
    • Senior Developer for a Documentation Project which involved using a combination of XSLT, Java and C to produce and render PostScript files from XML data.
    • Design, Development and Unit Testing of Mid Tier Java solutions
    o Numerous projects combining Java, SOAP, JSP, ASP, WebLogic, XML/XSLT and Oracle
    o Developing and designing new applications with involvement in all stages of the development life cycle
    • Development and design of new Contact Centre applications, using Java and XML/XSLT talking to an Oracle database through JDBC and to an ASP Front Tier via SOAP

     3Dms Ltd

    Senior Analyst/Developer
    February 1999 – September 2000 (1 year 8 months)
    3Dms specialise in Dynamic Document Design and Managed Services
    Responsibilities and Achievements:

    Research, Design and Development of a new Enterprise e-mail scanning and filtering application utilizing the Microsoft Mail API (MAPI), Collaborative Data Objects (CDO and CDONTS) and Visual BASIC running on Microsoft Exchange Server
    Responsible for the development and maintenance of corporate and customers web sites using a variety of web technologies including ASP, JSP, HTML and JavaScript with an SQL backend and IIS and Tomcat Front Tiers servers
    Providing maintenance, support, disaster recovery and security for the company network, data and (NT) Servers
    Mentoring and leading a team of Developers

    Please note: I am ONLY interested in Contract roles in or near Edinburgh, Scotland.
    If you would like to get in touch about relevant opportunities please use LinkedIn or the email address contained in my CV.

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